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Optimized for Ecommerce KPIs

Holistic ecommerce search and product discovery. Obsessed with tangible results.

Bring together sitewide ecommerce search and product discovery, merchant solutions, and enterprise-ready delivery — all in one Al-powered, KPI-obsessed platform built for the results that matter to you.

Improve your ecommerce site experience with Constructor

The ecommerce world doesn’t need another out-dated keyword or vector search engine. It does need:

  • product discovery purpose-built for enterprise ecommerce KPIs
  • truly personalized experiences powered by customer clickstream data and transformers (the “T” in ChatGPT)
  • solutions that empower ecommerce teams to be strategic and agile by removing time-consuming manual tasks

How it works

Native Commerce Core™

Learning from every interaction in the shopper journey to power Constructor solutions sitewide, our Native Commerce™️ AI core is the heart of Constructor product discovery.

Generate customer-first, AI-powered ecommerce search results that increase critical revenue metrics.

AI Shopping Assistant

Deliver futuristic discovery experiences with engaging, conversational AI blended with 1:1 personalization.


Drive personalized, optimized shopping experiences for each customer on every category page.

Attribute Enrichment

Kick manual work aside and let AI enrich product and category attributes your customers need to find the items they love.


Complement and optimize the shopping experience with the right recommendations for each customer at exactly the right time.


Automatically organize products into themed, personalized landing pages to create a shopping experience that sparks joy — and ROI.


Drive more revenue and build stronger relationships based on information your customers actually want you to know.

Merchant Tools

Manage your entire product discovery experience in one platform — and then level up with actionable insights and predictive analytics.

B2B Solutions

Tackle complex products, large catalogs, and dynamic pricing at the speed of B2B enterprise — all while maximizing your profit margin.

In this comprehensive guide, we help you sift through the marketing fluff and dive into the evolution of product search and discovery so you can understand how emerging AI technologies impact the ecommerce landscape and — ultimately — how they can have an undeniable impact on your company’s bottom line. 

Constructor is the gold standard for enterprise ecommerce search and product discovery.


Actually optimizing for business metrics we care about.

With our legacy search vendor, we struggled to provide our customers with an advanced, enjoyable product discovery experience, and other vendors struggled to provide value during sales conversations. Constructor changed that.

Not only did they provide actionable insights about our site during the sales process, but their entire product discovery platform allowed us to provide personalized results for all our users while actually optimizing for business results we care about.”

Britt Ballard

Senior Director of Engineering, Bonobos

In-house build? Overkill.

Legacy keyword search? Ancient history.

At Constructor, we use modern clickstream analysis and large language models (LLMs) to deliver ecommerce search and discovery success stories that speak for themselves.
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Legacy Search Platforms

Building In-House

Powering tens of millions of attractive search results for our customers - and their customers.

I highly recommend reaching out to Constructor.

Aside from the big conversion wins, we love the ease-of-use, extremely hands-on support, and straight-up pleasant experience that comes from working with Constructor. If you’re an enterprise retailer looking to ramp up search, I highly recommend reaching out to Constructor.”

Gianluca Randisi

VP of Product, home24

Built by top search engineers and data scientists. Supported by friendly folks who'll know your name.

Constructor's ecommerce search customer success team

Advanced software isn’t enough without proper support to maximize its potential. With Constructor, you get full access to professional Customer Success Managers, extensive team training, performance reviews, and chat support.

See how Constructor can help unlock the potential of your search and product discovery experience.

Your customers demand a personalized shopping experience, and any friction felt is a customer lost. Book a demo to understand how our composable, AI-powered technology surfaces merchandising data, personalizes the user experience, and increases revenue.

Product discovery results you can trust — and verify.

Book a demo with a Constructor product discovery specialist.

Tangible ROI proven in under 4 weeks — learn how.

Plays well with others

Constructor is API-first, headless, and composable for easy integration with your software. We’re continually building connectors for even easier integration with major ecommerce platforms. Learn more about our open ecommerce philosophy.