The Best Ecommerce Podcasts 2022

The Best Ecommerce Podcasts 2022

Over the last decade, podcasts have made their way into mainstream entertainment. 73% of the U.S. population listens to podcasts on a monthly basis, and 74% listen because they want to learn new things.

There’s a podcast now about just about every subject—including ecommerce. Ecommerce podcasts are a fantastic way to hear directly from industry leaders, learn about emerging trends, and pocket new growth strategies. 

We surveyed 100 ecommerce merchandisers on their favorite podcasts and compiled this list of the best ecommerce podcasts. Each podcast featured is a must-listen for merchandisers, executives, marketers, and anyone who’s part of a large ecommerce team.

Here are the best ecommerce podcasts of 2022:

2x Ecommerce Podcast

2x Ecommerce Podcast: one of the best ecommerce podcastsThe 2x Ecommerce podcast is exactly what it sounds like—a podcast dedicated to sharing advice on how to acquire more customers and grow your business to new heights. Kunle Campbell, the host, interviews new guests each week to talk about how they scaled their businesses, whether it was through segmentation, subscriptions, or influencer marketing.

This podcast is very technical and tactic-focused, making it great for someone who works in the weeds of a midsize to large ecommerce brand.

The eCommerce Fuel Podcast

eCommerce Fuel is one of the best ecommerce podcasts of the yearSince 2013, the eCommerce Fuel podcast has been covering ecommerce trends, news, and giving actionable advice on how to scale. The host, Andrew Youderian, is a seasoned serial ecommerce entrepreneur and brings in other successful ecommerce leaders to interview, like Sean Frank of Ridge Wallets and Will Critcher of Death Wish Coffee.

Even though Youderian’s guests are mainly DTC entrepreneurs, his podcast is general enough for both ecommerce beginners and veterans to learn from. For example, there are dedicated episodes on how to hire in a challenging climate, protecting your mental health as an industry professional, and what to do when your suppliers raise prices.

The Jason and Scot Show

The Jason and Scot Show focuses mainly on reporting retail and ecommerce industry trends and research, with some interviews sprinkled in. Jason Goldberg, a Chief Strategy Officer, and Scot Wingo, a serial entrepreneur, share the latest in what’s going on with big box retail and ecommerce and do so in an easy-to-understand, approachable way.

This podcast is a good option if you’re looking for a no-sweat way to hear industry news.

Ecommerce Influence Podcast

Ecommerce Influence: best ecommerce podcastsThe Ecommerce Influence podcast is one of the best because it’s all about how to level up your KPIs with the latest strategies. Host Austin Brawner interviews digital native brands and brick-and-mortar-turned-successful-ecommerce brands alike to get the best possible advice from businesses who have had serious wins. From growing your email list to taking a legacy brand online, you’ll hear raw stories of how real people overcame some of their biggest career challenges. 

This podcast brings so much value to those in ecommerce marketing and merchandising roles, but anyone in the ecommerce industry stands to gain from hearing Brawner’s interviews and strategy tell-alls. 

MACH Alliance Podcast

Mach Alliance Podcast for ecommerceInterested in modernizing your ecommerce tech stack? On the MACH Alliance Podcast, former MACH Alliance president and current board member Sonja Keerl interviews enterprise leaders who are embracing cutting-edge digital transformation (think API-first, composable, and headless). 

A huge undertaking (and necessity) for today’s retailers, better retail tech creates better customer experiences and drives critical KPIs

Shopify Masters

If you work for a site that’s hosted through Shopify, Shopify Masters is one of the best podcasts to listen to. As Shopify’s official podcast, who better to hear Shopify advice from than the Shopify team themselves? Hosts Felix Thea and Shuang Esther Shan sit down each week to interview successful Shopify store owners on how they grew their businesses. 

Even if you don’t host your site through Shopify, the takeaways you’ll hear from the founders on this podcast are still valuable and transferable. 

Ecom@One with Richard Hill

EcomOne podcast is one of the best ecommerce podcastsRichard Hill, the founder of eComOne, an ecommerce growth marketing agency, uses his podcast to interview both founders and those on the front lines of ecommerce and retail marketing. His interviews take a raw, unfiltered approach to telling the stories behind brands that have made names for themselves in competitive markets.

This podcast will appeal to ecommerce professionals at all stages of their careers. Its transparency and honesty are refreshing, engaging, and inspiring.

Ecommerce Evolution

Ecommerce Evolution: best ecommerce podcastsThe Ecommerce Evolution podcast mainly centers on interviews with ecommerce marketing experts. Brett Curry, host and CEO of an ecommerce marketing agency, talks to the minds behind buzzworthy brands like Tushy and Lifeboost Coffee to learn how they create viral video ads, unignorable SMS messages, and more.

Since it focuses mainly on marketing, this podcast is worth adding to your rotation if you work in a growth role or customer retention role.

Future Commerce Podcast

Future Commerce: one of the best ecommerce podcastsIf you’re interested in hearing about cutting-edge or experimental strategies before they go mainstream, look no further than the Future Commerce podcast. Hosts Philip Jackson and Brian Lange zero in on topics like automation, community building, and the state of the economy and make predictions on how these will evolve in the future. 

The Future Commerce podcast is a must-listen for any forward-thinkers, or anyone curious about emerging trends or more off-beat approaches to growing an ecommerce brand. 

Modern Retail

Modern Retail: best ecommerce podcastsAs part of the Digiday family, Modern Retail is hosted by retail editor Cale Weissman. Weissman interviews the brains behind some of the buzziest brands in retail and ecommerce, like Prose, Maev, and Gorillas. 

If you’re in high-growth mode at an ecommerce brand, this podcast will leave you with incredible takeaways on how to beat the biggest growing pains. 

Best Ecommerce Podcasts: The Bottom Line 

The best ecommerce podcasts can give you much-needed outside perspectives on growth tactics, trends, and more. It never hurts to stay sharp and informed. Podcasts are an amazing (and free) tool that can give you the power to make smarter decisions in your day-to-day work.


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