Constructor CMO Named Top 50 Marketer

Constructor CMO Named Top 50 Marketer

At Constructor, we know the incredible value of optimized product search and discovery in marketing campaigns. And we also know the value of incredible marketers! 

So, we’re extremely pleased and excited to recognize one of our own: Our CMO Courtney Austermehle was recently honored in the 2023 OnCon Icon Awards — a winner for the Top 50 Marketer Award

This peer- and community-voted awards program is run by OnConferences, a community of top executives, with winners representing “some of the top individuals and teams in the world,” according to the organization.

Court joined our team last September as Constructor’s first CMO. As our business continues to experience extremely strong growth and momentum — with ecommerce companies worldwide relying on Constructor to deliver personalized, revenue-generating, omnichannel experiences — we’re fortunate to have her at the helm of marketing strategy.

OnCon top 50 marketer Courtney Austermehle

With Court recently winning in the OnCon Icon Awards, we also used the opportunity to ask about her background and pick her brain on some hot topics for ecommerce marketers today: 

Q: How did you get your start in marketing?

I had a non-traditional start, actually! I began my career in sports broadcast journalism, then moved to sales — and took on marketing roles after that. My previous roles gave me great experiences and foundations, including in hiring and training teams and in communicating effectively, that have served me well in marketing too. 

Q: What’s your marketing superpower?

I would say it’s in data analytics and trend-spotting. Companies today — in retail and across all sectors — have a wealth of data they can tap into for better targeting and more effective marketing campaigns. And applying business intelligence tools and AI, they can have a much more data-driven strategy to fuel their programs and increase success. I’m a big proponent of using data ethically and effectively, in a way that’s good for business and good for the customer simultaneously. 

My soft skill superpower is focusing on the mental health and wellness of my team. I take this very seriously, and it makes a world of difference for people.

Q: Why is personalization so important in ecommerce marketers’ toolkits?

When shoppers engage with brands today, they largely expect the companies to know them and serve up products that match their wants and needs. Generic, cookie-cutter experiences slow shoppers down and can often be a turn-off — driving them elsewhere.

By personalizing both search results and product recommendations, retailers can drive deeper engagement and loyalty across channels. But, make sure what you’re doing is adding value! It’s important to personalize experiences in a way that enhances the shoppers’ journey, while also meeting your own business needs — whether that’s optimizing for revenue, high-margin products or other KPIs. You can make personalization a win-win.

Q: What’s your best piece of advice for ecommerce marketers today?

My advice is to try not to get caught up in the noise — there is so much of it! Whatever gets your customers the most personalized experience with the most value is the route to go — consumers expect a personalized experience now. As you consider the best strategies for delivering excellent customer experiences, remember that it’s important WHO you work with. People can make a world of difference. 

Q: What’s the best marketing advice you’ve ever received?

Give yourself grace.