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3 minute read Search Science

Introduction to search engine relevance measurement: precision and recall

Learn how search scientists measure "precision" and "recall," and how they leverage these metrics into improved relevance and purchases.

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4 minute read Site Search

3 steps to test your search experience with real users

Have you sat down with a customer and watched them search on your website? If not, consider it a new part of your job responsibilities. You’ll quickly learn how invaluable and illuminating the user testing process can be.

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5 minute read Ecommerce Search

The top 3 things we’ve learned about e-commerce search

Google has trained us all to expect miracles from a search engine, but the reality is that search is an extremely complicated and difficult problem. Google has thousands of engineers that have been tackling the issue for years; you don’t.

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1 minute read Site Search

The perils of hiding your search bar

Homepage real estate is precious. In an attempt to squeeze in more content, many sites hit upon a seemingly clever idea: hide the search bar behind a search icon, and require users to click the icon to perform a search. No harm done, right?

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search science
6 minute read Search Science

Optimizing trie-based spelling correction algorithms at

Take a peek at trie-based spelling corrections, one of Constructor's NLP algorithms. Learn how our engineers think about accuracy and speed.

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