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5 minute read Search Science

When relevance is not enough—factoring attractiveness into search results

For many years, "relevance" was the goalpost for search engines, and it’s easy to understand why. Relevance is intuitive, and it was a good enough goal in the early days of search. Times have changed, especially with ecommerce search.

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5 minute read Ecommerce Search

Search as a selling tool: using ecommerce search to drive revenue

As an ecommerce merchant, you go to great lengths to monitor, analyze and improve every interaction that visitors have with your website and mobile apps. But your ecommerce search is languishing.

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voice shopping
4 minute read Ecommerce Search

The state of voice shopping in ecommerce

Voice-powered search is quickly going from science fiction to science fact. But how well does voice shopping in ecommerce translate to browsing and online shopping?

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6 minute read Ecommerce Search

What ecommerce businesses should expect from their search engines

It’s 2018. Search engines are plentiful and free-of-charge across the Internet. From Google, to Amazon to your ecommerce site, shoppers have multiple options where they can easily seek information, compare products, and make purchase decisions.

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3 minute read Search Science

Introduction to search engine relevance measurement: precision and recall

Learn how search scientists measure "precision" and "recall," and how they leverage these metrics into improved relevance and purchases.

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