ai in ecommerce

Video: Opportunities for data and AI in ecommerce

A Q&A featuring Jeff Kearl and Eli Finkelshteyn

Jeff Kearl, CEO of Stance and Eli Finkelshteyn, CEO of discuss how ecommerce sites and next generation brands use technology to make better products for their customers. In this Q&A forum, our experts explore how to sift through the noise to find the vendors, technologies and tools that are actually helpful for ecommerce businesses. Session moderated by Ivy Nguyen of Zetta Venture Partners.  Recorded 28 November at Zetta Venture Partners office in San Francisco, CA. 57 minutes.

Time Stamped Topics:

Time Stamp Topic
01:43 About Jeff Kearl, founder and CEO of Stance.
03:20 About Eli Finkleshteyn, co-founder and CEO of Constructor.
04:40 What’s happening with consumer data in ecommerce and traditional retail?
10:20 What makes ecommerce search different than generic search?
15:45 How do ecommerce companies evaluate and adopt emerging technologies?
22:45 How did Constructor attract its first 10 customers?
29:40 What are the biggest ways that AI will transform ecommerce?
36:16 Does AI improve outcomes equally well with structured and unstructured ecommerce data?
38:44 How does product return rate impact ecommerce business models?
41:50 What is Constructor’s approach to ecommerce personalization?
48:09 How can a niche retailer access a broader on line marketplace? Is meta-search something you optimize for?
53:10 What’s the correlation between consumer behavior on ecommerce sites and in brick and mortar stores?
55:46 Which chatbot use cases deliver value on ecommerce sites?