Grocery Ecommerce Best Practices

Creating a user-friendly online grocery shopping experience is essential for business growth and profit. By focusing on your business goals, critical ecommerce metrics, and omnichannel fulfillments, any grocery retailer can improve their online customer journey, personalize product offerings, and increase their site revenue per visit.

At Constructor, we know grocery retailers have unique needs that set them apart from other retailers. Here are a few pieces of information we’ve assembled to help you reach the next stage of your digital transformation.

Online Grocery KPIs: Learn the 8 Metrics That Matter

Grocery has among the lowest margins of all retail categories, making it even more important to stick to the numbers and closely track what is moving the needle. Metrics like revenue per visitor (RPV), fulfillment cost per order, and average order value (AOV) can easily change the way you evaluate changes to your shopping experience.

Omnichannel Grocery Fulfillment: Ecommerce Solutions for Every Stage

Nothing has changed more quickly in grocery than fulfillment. True omnichannel grocery fulfillment includes a mixture of ecommerce and in-store options to give your customers a great experience, no matter how they shop. Finding the right options that match your customers’ needs and your business strategy will let you be more strategic and less reactive.

BOPIS Retail Fulfillment: Click, Collect, Convert

64% of shoppers use hybrid delivery service, and the demand for more and more integration between digital and physical shopping experiences is just starting. Learn how buy online pickup in store (BOPIS) can change how your customers shop.

Constructor Product Discovery

Constructor is the only AI product discovery platform designed explicitly for ecommerce retailers. Unlike other product search and discovery platforms, machine learning is in Constructor’s DNA, bringing dynamic personalization to the customer experience. We understand the unique issues that grocery retailers face, from supply chain issues to changing customer expectations.

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A complete set of product discovery tools

Drive Business KPIs By Listening To Your Users

With every interaction, your users are telling you what products they want to see — and also which products drive your top business KPIs.

Autosuggest That Understands Your Users

Get your users where they want to go with autosuggest that understands words and their importance, corrects misspellings, and infers user intent faster than the user can type their query. 

Make Browse Just as Powerful as Search

Constructor’s browse tools use the same machine learning algorithms as our search tools to ensure your browse pages serve products that make users happy and contribute to your bottom line. 

Recommendations That Work For Your Bottom Line

Constructor’s recommendations give you the power to optimize for any business KPI — unit sales, AOV, margins, or anything else.

Collections: Personalized Landing Pages For Any Use Case

Constructor’s Collections tool allows you to quickly & easily create landing pages (like a planogram or an endcap display) based on automatic rules or manual lists of products.

Stop guessing what
your customers want. Ask them instead.

Drive more conversions and revenue, build stronger relationships, and reduce time to purchase based on information your customers want you to know.

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