Data Science Engineer

About You

You're an engineer who loves challenges, learning, and making people's lives easier. You write reliable code and embrace automated testing as an unequivocal Good Thing. Big data and cutting edge technology entice you, and building something useful drives you. You want to work with a driven team, build things you can be proud of, and avoid workplace politics as much as possible.

You will be successful in this role if you:

About the Job

As a Data Science Engineer, you'll build search and discovery features using massive amounts of behavioral data. Your goal will be to help make our customers' websites awesome and bring our customers more revenue. You'll develop algorithms to improve search efficiency, deliver recommendations, and power self-learning search results.

About the Team

We're a passionate team of engineers who love challenges and want to make people’s lives better. We value openness, curiosity, continuous improvement, and great code. We believe that empowering everyone in a company to do what they think is best can lead to great things.

We’re based in San Francisco.

What’s Next

If you're interested in joining the team, please send your resume and/or LinkedIn and/or Github profile, ideally including links to source code of projects you’ve worked on, to We’ll do our best to reply within a few business days. If we move forward, we’ll arrange for a technical interview over the phone or via video chat, followed by an in-person interview at our offices.