Enterprise Sales Associate

About You

You're a salesperson who's passionate about connecting people with solutions that make their lives easier and that bring them more revenue. You enjoy getting to know customers out of genuine interest and concern for their needs. You're comfortable working with a bunch of nerds who are trying to make the build tools to improve people's lives.

You will be successful in this role if you:

About the Job

As a Enterprise Sales Associate, you'll be building relationships with high-value prospective customers by learning about their organizational structure, influencers, and decision makers. You'll be managing the entire process of the sales cycle and be responsible for negotiating prices. You'll learn about our customers needs and provide continuous feedback to the product team to ensure that we're always building features that our customers find valuable.

About the Team

We're a passionate team that loves challenges and wants to make people’s lives better. We value openness, curiosity, and continuous improvement. We believe that empowering everyone in a company to do what they think is best can lead to great things.

We’re based in San Francisco.

What’s Next

If you're interested in joining the team, please send your resume to jobs@constructor.io. We’ll do our best to reply within a few business days. If we move forward, we’ll arrange for an interview over the phone or via video chat, followed by an in-person interview at our offices.