Constructor on AWS

Retailers need the best cloud service provider and the best product discovery to be successful in today’s landscape.

Our Solution

AWS and Constructor are a winning combination for strong search and product discovery.

Using AWS Route53, Constructor has the data-center redundancy to never see downtime. This separates our platform from other providers who often bake in planned downtime.

Eli Finkelshteyn, Founder and CEO at Constructor

Eli Finkelshteyn

CEO and Co-Founder,

“The great thing about working with AWS is how passionate they are about putting customers first, especially in the enterprise e-commerce space. Any good partnership isn’t just about the software, but also people making time to understand their customers and ensure customers see success with the software. This is one thing we fully agree on and part of what makes Constructor’s partnership with AWS special. There’s real, consistent investment of time from both sides, and  that time is invested to find solutions that benefit our joint customers.”

AWS understands that enterprise ecommerce is different and needs dedicated solutions built for it.

Constructor is built specifically for enterprise e-commerce, and together with AWS we focus on bringing additional revenue and value to ecommerce companies together.

Case Studies

home24 is a leading home living ecommerce company that has grown to over $600 million in annual revenue.

Constructor drove a double-digit lift in search conversion rates for home24, as well as incremental lifts in revenue with Cognitive Embeddings Search.

A leading pet health and wellness retailer, Petco is committed to connecting people, pets, and products.

Partnering with AWS and Constructor, Petco drove +13% in total conversions and +4% in sitewide revenue with holistic product discovery.