Don’t Let Autosuggest Be an Afterthought

Give your users the best experience possible from the first touchpoint with powerful autosuggest backed by NLP and ecommerce machine learning. 


Ecommerce Autosuggest That Understands Your Users

Get your users where they want to go with autosuggest that understands words and their importance, corrects misspellings, and infers user intent faster than the user can type their query. 

Other features:

Semantic Analysis

Typo Tolerance

Synonym Detection

N-Gram Weighting


Word Importance

Understanding Intent

Make Autosuggest Visual

Grab user attention, increase conversion rates, and help users get to the products they’re looking for faster with visual product recommendations in autosuggest. 

Autosuggest is Your First Impression. Make It A Good One

Autosuggest is like a book cover — it’s viewed more than any other part of your product discovery experience. Don’t let it be an afterthought. See what powerful autosuggest can do for your site:

Capture Data from The First Interaction

Whether your users are interacting in autosuggest, search, browse, or recommendations, Constructor’s natural language processing  algorithms are collecting data to ensure each user’s results are more attractive and personalized with every search. 

Don’t just trust us. Make us prove it.

Let us quantify the value of Constructor’s ML-backed search and discovery on your site using your data. No contract required.