Product Collections,Tailored For Every User & Any Ecommerce KPI

Create and launch fully-personalized product collections, built to drive your important ecommerce business KPIs — all in under 2 minutes. 


Collections: Personalized Landing Pages For Any Use Case

Constructor’s Collections tool allows you to quickly & easily create ecommerce landing pages (like a planogram or an endcap display) based on automatic rules or manual lists of products. These pages are automatically personalized to each of your users and optimized for your important business KPIs, and can be used anywhere – from email campaigns, to social media, seasonal sales, and more. 

Go Beyond Static Product Collections

Make use of your clickstream data — what users are clicking, purchasing, ignoring, etc. — to automatically rank products across all your collections for what each of your users like most, as well as for what’s most likely to impact your bottom line. 

Over 4,000 Collections Already Live on Sites Like:

Complex Collections, Simplified

Creating a product collection has never been more simple. Set rules using any component of your product taxonomy and press launch — the entire process only takes a few minutes.  

Everything You Need to Make Great Collections

Constructor gives you every tool you need to create great product collections — from setting boosts and buries on specific attributes to adding items by CSV, searchandising and slotting items on a timed schedule, and more. 

+ Added 75 items to the collection.

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