Stop guessing what your customers want. Ask them.

83% of your site visitors are ready to help you create a more personalized ecommerce shopping experience.


Drive more conversions and revenue, build stronger relationships, and reduce time to purchase based on information your customers want you to know.

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Ecommerce Reimagined

Think outside the product grid. Quizzes are interactive experiences that make online shopping effortless. Gain key insights and serve each of your customers what they want, when they want it, throughout their shopping journey.

Personalize from the Beginning.

Build new relationships by asking visitors about their product preferences, interests, and goals.

Quizzes data allows you to design and deliver personalized, curated experiences from the very first visit—in whatever format serves your customers best.

Empower Your Customers to Purchase with Confidence.

Turn analysis paralysis into action. Ask shoppers the right questions, helping guide them to make more informed, confident purchase decisions.

As your shoppers go through the quiz experience, you can provide curated product suggestions and helpful guidance specific to each individual buyer’s needs.

Enrich Clickstream Data for Holistic Product Discovery

Adding rich data and more insights on top of customer clickstream data, Quizzes works together with the rest of Constructor’s products to personalize and optimize site experiences.

When you combine Quizzes with the Constructor platform, you’ll drive even more revenue across search, browse, autosuggest, recommendations, and collections.

(Zero) Party On.

Third-party data is gross. Sleep better at night by relying instead on clean, zero-party data that customers willingly share on your site.

Because you collect zero party data directly, it’s more accurate than what you can infer from other sources—it’s owned exclusively by you, and it’s data your customers actually want you to use to improve their experience.

Seamless Cross-Channel Integration

Automatic audience segmentation for quiz answers enables you to personalize offers and promotions across merchandising and marketing channels.

And like all of Constructor’s products, Quizzes is API-first. Maximum flexibility means you can use data from quiz answers anywhere you’d like—the sky’s the limit.

Standard features:

Quiz builder with a variety of question formats

Clickstream data generation and user segmentation based on each question response

Conditional rules and branching logic

API-driven results to serve your customers in any format you wish

In-app analytics and insights

Ongoing partnership, co-building, and white-glove support


Vishal Arora

Senior Director of Digital Experience at LuckyVitamin
“People don’t just buy supplements on a whim. They want to make sure that they’re safe, they’re made with good-quality ingredients, and they’re going to meet their health goals. We take that pretty seriously, and we want to be able to give people that empowerment to make those decisions for themselves.”
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