Site Search That Drives KPIs, Personalized To Every User

Give your users the internal site search results they want to see — all while driving your top business KPIs. 


Surface Exponentially Better Search Results By Listening to Your Users

With every interaction, your users are telling you what products they want to see — and also which products drive your top business KPIs.

Constructor uses this clickstream data to both show users the products they want to see and automatically optimize every site search result for any KPI of your choosing. 

Search Relevance Is Dead: Here's What You Should Optimize Instead.

See Exactly How The AI Works for Every Query

Don’t just trust the AI search — understand it. Gain a deep understanding of how our attractiveness and personalization algorithms affect every search result, all in one simple interface. 

Real-time Personalization For Every User, Every Query

It’s time to treat your users as individuals. Constructor learns from each of your users from the moment they first interact with your search experience to ensure every future search result is more personalized and attractive than the last. 

Don’t Blindly Trust the AI. Understand It.

Understand our inputs and see exactly how our search  algorithms are ranking your products, all while having full control over what your users see for any query. The era of “trust me” AI is over. 

Other features

Don’t just trust us. Make us prove it.

Let us quantify the value of Constructor’s ML-backed search and discovery on your site using your data. No contract required.