Category pages as dynamic and intelligent as your best salesperson.

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Display personalized, optimized category pages to every user

The days of identical ranking for every category page are done.
Uniquely rank items on category pages based on merchandizer preference, machine learned conversion optimization and personalization signals.

Break free from rigid hierarchies with dynamic collections

Create a Superbowl page by including products from the Hot dogs, Buns and Beer categories. Manually tune the ranking or allow behavioral and personalization signals to optimize outcomes. New products matching the criteria will be included automatically.

Unify search and category personalization

Users that prefer a particular brand of yogurt see identical personalization experiences whether they search for Yogurt or visit the Dairy/Yogurt category page.

Automatically rank the most relevant facets first

Our system automatically ranks facets by their relevance to the category. Lipstick has color at the top, while Anti-aging moisturizing cream has age range at the top.

Automatically select the most relevant category

Search results are automatically faceted to the most relevant categories based on behavioral and search data. Don’t show Whole milk yogurt from the Dairy/Yogurt category when users search for Whole milk

Deliver better results from search

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