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Powering better search results and better business results.

The Constructor Search advantage starts with exceptional search results: relevant, attractive, intelligently ranked, and personalized for each user. What follows is a virtuous cycle of deepening engagement: more searches, more purchases, increased loyalty and deeper engagement. What’s more, artificial intelligence and behavioral data improve search results into the future.

Search personalization increases conversions

With every search, every click and every purchase, customers are telling you what they want to
buy. Constructor Search uses that valuable information to personalize and rank results for improved conversions. Yes, product catalog and search queries remain important. Additional data such as purchase history, trending products, price range and more is the difference-maker that powers personalized recommendations and helps users find exactly what they’re looking for.

Constructor Search enables ecommerce success

  • “With Elasticsearch, we struggled to provide our customers with an advanced, enjoyable product discovery experience, and other vendors struggled to provide value during sales conversations. Constructor changed that. Not only did they provide actionable insights about our site during the sales process, but their entire product discovery platform allowed us to provide personalized results for all our users while actually optimizing for business results we care about.”

    Britt Ballard

    Senior Director of Engineering

  • helps deliver on our promise of a seamless user experience for our customers from beginning to end.

    Matt McNamara

    Director of Engineering

  • solved the single biggest inconvenience on our site and implementation was incredibly simple.

    Dmitry Pospelov

    Project Manager

  • Greentoe lives and dies by maximizing our conversion rate. was the only search technology provider with the depth to build an autocomplete experience while optimizing results for key conversion metrics.

    Andrew Kurland


  • “’s solution has proved critical in helping us identify everything from spelling corrections to foreign language recognition enabling us to be more effective and efficient in our operations and positively contributing to our bottom line.”

    John Turek

    SVP of Engineering

Merchant tools boost revenue opportunities

Use your organization’s merchandising expertise to improve on automated search results. Maximize search-related revenue opportunities from new product launches, holiday collections, slotting allowances and more with Constructor Searchandizing. Gain visibility into customer search journeys, trending searches and improvement opportunities through search analytics dashboards.

AI-first search optimizes business results

The Constructor Search solution integrates with your existing technology stack and supports your current team. That means it’s compatible with your current site design and user experience. It creates a new and focused opportunity to optimize ecommerce search results for revenue, conversions, loyalty, average order value—or a combination of factors. With Constructor Search, the choice is yours.

eCommerce Search that helps users succeed and site owners sell more.

Learn from your users

With Constructor Search, users enjoy relevant, attractive and personalized results with every query. By using artificial intelligence and a broad range of data, Constructor Search helps customers find what they are looking for—and what they want to buy—with the least amount of time and effort.

Drive conversions

Users decide what's relevant to them, not your search engine. And they let you know their preferences through their behavior: adding items to their carts and making purchases. Constructor Search learns from user behavior in ways that drive measurable business results, including revenue lift, checkouts and average order value.

Display results quickly

Users want great search results, but they also want speed. Constructor Search typically returns results in milliseconds, faster than users can type. AutoSuggest facilitates successful searches by quickly guiding users to personalized and conversion-worthy search results.

Automate search success

By using artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, natural language processing and behavioral data, Constructor Search is always learning and always improving. Optimizing search results to drive purchases becomes a data science problem that's managed by Constructor Search. This allows your merchandising staff to focus on higher leverage activities such as product launches, seasonal promotions and business expansion.

Deliver better results from search

30 minutes is all you need for a personalized demonstration of Constructor’s AI-first search solution.