Mobile Search

Extend conversion-optimized search to your Android and iOS mobile apps

AI-first search that works across web and mobile devices.

One search platform

Make great search a cornerstone of your mobile application strategy. The cloud-based Constructor Search platform delivers AI-first search advantages via mobile and web browsers. Drive conversions and revenue by helping mobile users find exactly what they are looking for.

Native mobile experiences

Use Constructor Search software development kits (SDKs) to add conversion-optimized search experiences to your mobile apps. Native SDKs for iOS and Android let you create search experiences that are compatible with your brand and device-specific UX guidelines. Constructor's mobile SDKs provide consistent interfaces for sending queries, returning results, responding to events and collecting behavior data.

Cross-device personalization

Users frequently use multiple devices to interact with your brand. That's why Constructor Search enables a consistent search experience across devices. When customers are logged in, search algorithms are able to use their behavior data to deliver personalized results to any device. And Constructor Search adds event and behavior data from any device to maintain a complete user profile.

Deliver better results from search

30 minutes is all you need for a personalized demonstration of Constructor’s AI-first search solution.