One recommendation engine integrated within all touch points.

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Integrate a single solution across your site

Unify your search, browse and personalization vendor strategy with one cutting edge solution, one vendor, one integration. Share merchandizing effort across search, browse and recommendations.

Personalize new and anonymous visitors

Recommendations respond instantly to new user signals to provide product recommendations for new and anonymous visitors, and immediately after an add to cart event.

Personalize product recommendations

Don’t just show recommendations based on the item a user is currently viewing – tailor these product recommendations to a user’s entire click, view and purchase journey.

No behavior data for new products? No problem!

Machine embedding model predicts similarity using both:

  • Product content (similar item names, categories, attributes)
  • User behavior (viewed products, added to cart, and bought together)

Rock-solid recommendation reliability

Some vendors randomly fail to return recommendations, damaging your user experience and brand equity. Constructor returns incredible recommendations – without fail.

Recommend instantly

No more inconsistent, jumping page layouts because your legacy recommendations takes half a second — or more! — to return recommendations.

Users today expect instantaneous experiences — don’t let them down.

Flexible data partnership

Constructor recognizes that many systems – POS, loyalty, customer data platform – contain valuable product and user intelligence. Work with our team of data engineers to ensure recommendations are informed by your most valuable data.

Deliver better results from search

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