Site Search

AI-first site search solution that improves conversions and revenue

Site search that helps users succeed and site owners sell more.

Learn from your users

With Constructor Search, users enjoy relevant, attractive and personalized results with every query. By using artificial intelligence and a broad range of data, Constructor Search helps customers find what they are looking for—and what they want to buy—with the least amount of time and effort.

Drive conversions

Users decide what's relevant to them, not your search engine. And they let you know their preferences through their behavior: adding items to their carts and making purchases. Constructor Search learns from user behavior in ways that drive measurable business results, including revenue lift, checkouts and average order value.

Display results quickly

Users want great search results, but they also want speed. Constructor Search typically returns results in milliseconds, faster than users can type. AutoSuggest facilitates successful searches by quickly guiding users to personalized and conversion-worthy search results.

Boost your brand

Constructor Search makes it easy to improve site search while preserving what's already working for your brand and customers. The comprehensive hosted solution integrates with your current site in weeks--not months or years. Use turnkey client libraries and published interfaces to integrate Constructor Search across your storefront, product catalog and customer data.

Automate search success

By using artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, natural language processing and behavioral data, Constructor Search is always learning and always improving. Optimizing search results to drive purchases becomes a data science problem that's managed by Constructor Search. This allows your merchandising staff to focus on higher leverage activities such as product launches, seasonal promotions and business expansion.

Deliver better results from search

30 minutes is all you need for a personalized demonstration of Constructor’s AI-first search solution.