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Icon arrow left’s solution has proved critical in helping us identify everything from spelling corrections to foreign language recognition enabling us to be more effective and efficient in our operations and positively contributing to our bottom line.

John turek John Turek, SVP of Engineering, is solving hard problems to drive down costs in the healthcare industry. When we needed a search solution, grasped our challenges and worked with us to implement a world-class search.

Muness castle Muness Castle, VP of Engineering,'s autocomplete immediately provided value for both our customers and engineering team. We've thoroughly enjoyed the support and tools from, and are eager to work with them on future projects.

Matt mcnamara Matt McNamara, Director of Engineering,

Greentoe lives and dies by maximizing our conversion rate. was the only search technology provider with the depth to build an autocomplete experience while optimizing results for key conversion metrics.

Andrew kurland Andrew Kurland, CTO,

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All the features you need to drive outcomes with scientific, self-learning search

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Natural Language Processing

Search that intuits what users want

From typo tolerance to synonyms, Constructor quickly employs multiple complementary algorithms to show users the products they want to buy.

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Continuous learning and result re-ranking

Machine learning algorithms—supplementing your staff—learn from your users to update result rankings, optimize search conversions and drive revenue from search.

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Search-informed personalized results personalizes suggestions by updating rankings based on users' previous searches and interactions to dramatically improve user experience.

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Merchant Controls

Add value to customer search experience

Leverage product knowledge and merchandising skills to create unique digital shopping experiences on your ecommerce site.