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Life is Good

Life Is Good is an iconic “Positive Lifestyle” brand across apparel, accessories, and housewares.

With Cognitive Embeddings Search, Constructor drove a 5% increase in Revenue Per Visit and a 2% increase in conversion rate on top of an 8% decrease in reformulated searches.

+5% In Revenue Per Visit

home24 is a leading home living ecommerce company that has grown to over $600 million in annual revenue.

Constructor drove a double-digit lift in search conversion rates for home24, as well as incremental lifts in revenue with Cognitive Embeddings Search.


SwimOutlet is the largest online specialty store for swimming, active recreation, triathlon, beach, and water sports in North America and the premier online destination for all things swim, with over 25 million swimsuits sold to date.

With a high-performing product discovery experience, SwimOutlet can now focus on other additional ways to drive revenue and profit throughout their site.

Target Australia

For more than 95 years, Target Australia has provided customers with amazing experiences by offering high quality products at the lowest prices.

Constructor drove a 14.8% lift in search purchase rates over Target’s legacy search platform on top of 13.4% more search usage.
Curtsy Logo

Curtsy is a sustainable women’s fashion marketplace serving millions of U.S. shoppers and sellers. See how their switch from Algolia to Constructor transformed search from a frustrating, deprioritized feature to a key competitive advantage.

How Curtsy Achieved a 10% Lift in Search Conversion Rate with Constructor.


Backcountry is considered by many outdoor enthusiasts to be the place to search for and purchase the outdoor sporting gear they love.

Constructor drove 8% more RPV than Backcountry’s legacy search platform on Competitive Cyclist, on top of a 2% lift in RPV on and Steep & Cheap.

8% Lift

Bonobos, a fast-growing digitally native brand with an expanding catalog and a growing multi-channel strategy, lives and breathes online clothes shopping.

Constructor drove 9% more search revenue than Bonobos’ legacy search platform, on top of a 6% lift in browse conversions, a 92% lift in recommendations conversions, and a 22% lift in recommendations AOV.

Petflow is a leading online retailer for pet products.

Constructor drove 29% more conversions across the site than PetFlow’s legacy search platform, on top of a 30.6% lift in RPV and a 2.5% lift in AOV.

Rugs Direct is the nation’s leading source for area rugs. It boasts a vast yet curated assortment of premier rugs for both consumers and trade professionals.

Constructor generated a 16.5% increase in average order value compared to Rugs Direct’s legacy search platform, on top of a 13.5% lift in revenue per visitor — two of Rugs Direct’s most valuable business KPIs.

16.5% Lift

Princess Auto is a privately owned Canadian retail chain founded in 1933 that’s focused on providing unique tools and equipment to tradespeople, farmers, inventors and industrial workers across Canada.

Constructor generated a 22% increase in conversion rate compared to Princess Auto’s legacy search platform, on top of a 14% lift in AOV and a 247% lift in revenue per visit.

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