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Backcountry corp

Backcountry is considered by many outdoor enthusiasts to be the place to search for and purchase the outdoor sporting gear they love.

Constructor drove 8% more RPV than Backcountry’s legacy search platform on Competitive Cyclist, on top of a 2% lift in RPV on and Steep & Cheap.

8% Lift

Bonobos, a fast-growing digitally native brand with an expanding catalog and a growing multi-channel strategy, lives and breathes online clothes shopping.

Constructor drove 9% more search revenue than Bonobos’ legacy search platform, on top of a 6% lift in browse conversions, a 92% lift in recommendations conversions, and a 22% lift in recommendations AOV.

Petflow is a leading online retailer for pet products.

Constructor drove 29% more conversions across the site than PetFlow’s legacy search platform, on top of a 30.6% lift in RPV and a 2.5% lift in AOV.

LuckyVitamin is one of the world’s leading health and wellness retailers.

Constructor drove 13.53% more revenue than LuckyVitamin’s legacy search platform, on top of a 50.7% lift in search usage and a 8.13% lift in conversion rate.

Rugs Direct is the nation’s leading source for area rugs. It boasts a vast yet curated assortment of premier rugs for both consumers and trade professionals.

Constructor generated a 16.5% increase in average order value compared to Rugs Direct’s legacy search platform, on top of a 13.5% lift in revenue per visitor — two of Rugs Direct’s most valuable business KPIs.

16.5% Lift

Credo Beauty is a multi-brand retailer focused on providing non-toxic, sustainable, clean beauty products to consumers.

Constructor generated a 10.67% increase in conversion rate compared to Credo Beauty’s legacy search platform, on top of a 32% lift in AOV for search users and a 172% lift in conversion rate for search users.

Princess Auto is a privately owned Canadian retail chain founded in 1933 that’s focused on providing unique tools and equipment to tradespeople, farmers, inventors and industrial workers across Canada.

Constructor generated a 22% increase in conversion rate compared to Princess Auto’s legacy search platform, on top of a 14% lift in AOV and a 247% lift in revenue per visit.

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