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The Ultimate Guide to Searchandising with Constructor

Learn exactly how Constructor empowers merchandisers and product managers to create personalized shopping experiences that don’t just convert, but drive business KPIs.

Forrester Vision Report: A Retailer’s Guide To The 2023 Holiday Season

In Forrester’s 26-criterion evaluation of commerce search and product discovery providers, this report show how the 10 Top measure up.

Beware of Frankensearch!

See why Frankensearch is a tech trick, not a treat — and how you can avoid scary outcomes from poor product discovery.

Frictionless B2B Customer Experience Guide

Explore two key opportunities in frictionless B2B buying and how generative AI has changed the game for both.

Discover Ecommerce Success with Holiday Gift Finders

Empower your shoppers to find and purchase the best gifts for everyone on their lists.

The Forrester Wave™: Commerce Search and Discovery, Q3 2023

See how the 10 top companies compare across categories, and what makes Constructor a Strong Performer.

UX Best Practices for Ecommerce Autocomplete

 Learn the top five autocomplete UX best practices that have led to +1% lift in conversions for our customers.

The State of Ecommerce Product Search and Discovery 2023

462 online shoppers reveal how they find products they need and how good and bad product discovery impacts their purchasing decisions.

The Ecommerce Product Discovery RFP Template

Evaluating product discovery? Don’t go alone. This ready-for-you spreadsheet identifies the tough questions you should be asking potential product discovery partners.

The Commerce Search and Discovery Landscape, Q2 2023

Gain the critical insight you need to personalize customer shopping experiences with this new report from Forrester Research. 

The 2023 Ecommerce Playbook

Learn the four essential strategies that leading retailers and brands like SEPHORA, Birkenstock, Very, and home24 are using to succeed in this challenging new economy.

2022 State of Ecommerce Merchandising Report

Read key takeaways from Constructor’s 2022 State of Ecommerce Merchandising Report—with insights from top teams on how they make it work.

Walking in Your Customer's Jimmy Choos with NLP

The faster your site understands what your customers are looking for, the faster it can show it to them. Here’s how Natural Language Processing can help.

Ecommerce Search Guide: The Secrets to Amazon-Level Search

Unlock the unmet potential of search with this actionable list of ecommerce search best practices. 

The 4 Pillars of Great
Ecommerce Search

Unify your search, browse and personalization vendor strategy with one cutting edge solution, one contract, one integration. 


Product Roadmap Update: Q4 2023

Learn about new enhancements and new products to future proof your organization for 2024’s rapid changes in ecommerce.

Your Competitive Edge: Creating a Frictionless B2B Buying Experience

Learn what motivates B2B buyers and what you need to create an online buying experience that increases customer lifetime value.

Beyond the Hype: Mach-Enabled AI for Product Discovery

Uncover real AI success stories, decode black box vs. glass box AI, and learn how to measure AI’s impact on your business.

Product Roadmap Update: Q2 2023

Learn what’s next on the Constructor product roadmap, from generative AI to platform improvements, and what it means for you.

The Art and Science of Searchandising

In this joint webinar with Constructor and AWS, learn how top retailers and brands leverage strategic creativity and data to create seamless ecommerce shopping experiences.

ChatGPT and the Future of Ecommerce

ChatGPT is taking the digital world by storm. Retailers and brands alike are hoping to capitalize on this new tool, but do they know what they are truly solving for when they use ChatGPT?

The Future of Search and Discovery

Watch MACH-certified search and discovery experts (including Constructor CEO Eli Finkelshteyn) discuss industry trends, the importance of a good discovery experience, and the technologies that power personalization.

State of Ecommerce Merchandising

What does it take to create first-class ecommerce experiences? Join leaders from Birkenstock and Constructor as we dive into the results of Constructor’s 2022 State of Ecommerce Merchandising report.

Search for Them vs. Us: What Makes AirBnB, Google, and Amazon Different

Learn how the largest brands in the world use science-powered search to improve revenue, conversions and customer loyalty.

Search Relevance Is Dead: Here’s What You Should Optimize Instead.

Learn about the limitation of optimizing search results for “relevance,” and the 3 attributes to optimize instead.

5 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Product Discovery Platform

Join Constructor CEO Eli Finkelshteyn and special guest Ali Bouhouch, CTO at Szentia, as they discuss how to evaluate product discovery platforms to maximize your ROI.

Constructor Blog

Read Constructor’s views on building better search experiences. Explore business and science perspectives for search such as: optimizing customer experience, measuring ecommerce search conversions, and accelerating innovation with search science.

Constructor API Documentation

Learn how to use all of the Constructor APIs to integrate across your apps, web properties, catalogs and user data. The documentation includes code examples for javascript, ruby, python, php, perl, java, and csharp.

Product discovery results you can trust — and verify.

Book a demo with a Constructor product discovery specialist.

Tangible ROI proven in under 4 weeks — learn how.

Product discovery results you can trust — and verify.

Book a demo with a Constructor product discovery specialist.

Tangible ROI proven in under 4 weeks — learn how.

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