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The 4 Pillars of Great
Ecommerce Search

Unify your search, browse and personalization vendor strategy with one cutting edge solution, one contract, one integration. Share…

Ecommerce Search Guide: The Secrets to Amazon-level Search

Unlock the unmet potential of search with this actionable list of ecommerce search best practices. This report offers a data-driven approach to…


Your Ecommerce Advantage in 2022

Too many companies are reactive in their approach to merchandising, putting out supply chain fires and butting up against manual inefficiencies. They’re struggling to stay on top of trends, inventory, the latest promotions, customer search queries, and more.

5 Questions to ask before selecting a product discovery platform.

Constructor CEO, Eli Finkelshteyn and special guest Ali Bouhouch, CTO at Szentia.

The 4 Pillars of Great Ecommerce Search

The missing manual to being a better Search Product Manager, Part 2. We’ll equip you with all the knowledge you need to understand relevant search and discovery algorithms available today and more.

The Search Product Manager Crash Course: Everything You Need To Know – Part 1

The missing manual to being a better Search Product Manager, Part 1. We’ll equip you with all the knowledge you need to create a winning site search road map.

How CCPA can affect your eCommerce site — in search, browse and beyond

The California Consumer Privacy Act went into effect on January 1st. Join the Constructor team to learn why the CCPA can put you at greater risk than Europe’s GDPR and the steps you need to take now.

Constructor’s November Product Updates

Learn about all our current and upcoming product updates, as well as how you can leverage Constructor’s tools to gain a massive competitive edge.

Search for them vs us: What makes AirBnB, Google and Amazon different.

Learn how the largest brands in the world use science-powered search to improve revenue, conversions and customer loyalty.

Search Relevance Is Dead: Here’s What You Should Optimize Instead.

Learn about the limitation of optimizing search results for “relevance,” and the 3 attributes to optimize instead.

Constructor Blog

Read Constructor’s views on building better search experiences. Explore business and science perspectives for search such as: optimizing customer experience, measuring ecommerce search conversions, and accelerating innovation with search science.

Constructor API Documentation

Learn how to use all of the Constructor APIs to integrate across your apps, web properties, catalogs and user data. The documentation includes code examples for javascript, ruby, python, php, perl, java, and csharp.

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