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Founded on Experience

Eli Finkelshteyn, Founder and CEO at Constructor

Eli Finkelshteyn​

Chief Executive Officer

Dan McCormick, Co-founder and CISO, Constructor

Dan McCormick

Chief Information Security Officer

Constructor was founded in 2015 by Eli Finkelshteyn and Dan McCormick to ease the pain of implementing compelling search experiences. Eli Finkelshteyn is an accomplished data engineer and entrepreneur with experience at Tumblr, Shutterstock, and Backplane. Dan McCormick, a skilled business leader and product architect, served as CTO of stock photo pioneer Shutterstock.

Eli and Dan’s experience taught them that a world-class search experience depends not only on a state-of-the-art search engine, but a behavioral tracking system, big data cluster, and set of machine learning algorithms. Their vision is to automate the rich complexity required for a modern search experience behind a simple, elegant SaaS solution.

Our headquarters are based in San Francisco and our team works remotely all over the world.


Here are some things our team has to say about Constructor

I love working at Constructor because we get to solve challenging problems in the product discovery space within e-commerce, which is ever evolving itself, for some of the largest retailers in the world, and I get to do it with some of the most talented and passionate people I have ever worked with.

Amanda Nutbrown-Bourdeau

Amanda Brooks


“What I enjoy the most about working at constructor are the amazing people and culture. The Constructor team is awesome and everyone is super nice and always willing to help. Although we are a remote first company, they make sure to be inclusive of everyone and make sure people aren’t left out.”

Jimmy Li

Jimmy Li

Integration Engineer

“Constructor trusted me to own a part of the product and build a team around it. It provided plenty of room for me to grow in the engineering management space while ensuring that I had the support I needed.”

Julio Olivera

Julio Olivera

Customer Tools Lead

“As I scroll through e-Commerce websites today, there are tons of items listed on there and it is impossible for me to go through even a fraction of it all. Often times, I am confused on what I should be looking at and sometimes can end up not purchasing anything. This is where Constructor’s mission to “Help users discover things they like” really resonated with me as I believe that it will not only help one find relevant products efficiently and cut out on time-consuming searches, but can also help one truly discover what they need, providing a better user experience.”

Manaswini Talagadadivi

Manaswini Talagadadivi


Working at Constructor challenges me in the best way. I’ve been able to learn and grow alongside smart and passionate leaders in the Search space. I love helping to empower retailers to create the best possible shopping experiences for their customers!

Gianna Cafini


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