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Constructor is building the next generation of search solutions. We are passionate about helping ecommerce and media site owners give their customers a better way to find products more quickly, more easily, and more intuitively.

Why a career at Constructor?

Solve Challenging Problems

Search provides a rich, fascinating set of problems to solve. Whether it’s developing back-end algorithms or discussing our customer’s pain points in sales calls, we get to spend our days tackling some of the world’s most fascinating challenges.

Grow With Us

Constructor is a fast-growing startup with opportunities around every corner. It’s the perfect place for someone looking to grow their career, expand their horizons, and learn new things.

Collaborate on Success

We’ve tried insanely hard to build a team of collaborative, brilliant people. We love working together to help each other succeed, and are committed to maintaining an open, cooperative culture as we grow.

Our core values

We get to the right answer empathetically.

We strive to get to the right answer, regardless of who proposed it. We make it easy for others to be able to accept our idea without losing face or hurting ego.

We’re passionate in owning our work and making it have an impact.

We care that what we create gets seen by the world. We ask for help, follow-up, hustle until it’s in front of users. We take initiative, even when we think someone else should do it. If we find something we don’t like, we make it better.

We enjoy what we do.

We love the problems we get to solve. Most people aren’t lucky enough to work on something this interesting. We create an environment that lets co-workers enjoy their work as much as we do.

Arthur Etchells

“The thing that gets me excited to work in product at Constructor is the fact that it’s a true partnership between an incredibly talented team of developers and designers working hand-in-hand with sales, marketing and customer success. The degree of alignment and common purpose is exceptional and inspiring!”

– Arthur Etchells, Head of Product

Jimmy Li

“What I enjoy the most about working at constructor are the amazing people and culture. The Constructor team is awesome and everyone is super nice and always willing to help. Although we are a remote first company, they make sure to be inclusive of everyone and make sure people aren’t left out.”

– Jimmy Li, Integration Engineer

Julio Olivera

“Constructor trusted me to own a part of the product and build a team around it. It provided plenty of room for me to grow in the engineering management space while ensuring that I had the support I needed.”

– Julio Olivera, Customer Tools Lead

Manaswini Talagadadivi

“As I scroll through e-Commerce websites today, there are tons of items listed on there and it is impossible for me to go through even a fraction of it all. Often times, I am confused on what I should be looking at and sometimes can end up not purchasing anything. This is where Constructor’s mission to “Help users discover things they like” really resonated with me as I believe that it will not only help one find relevant products efficiently and cut out on time-consuming searches, but can also help one truly discover what they need, providing a better user experience.”

– Manaswini Talagadadivi, Engineering

Our headquarters are based in San Francisco and our team works all over the world. We are in 13 different countries and 10 different US states!

Our benefits

Company-sponsored health coverage

Constructor pays for 100% of employee medical, dental, and vision premiums.

Time off when you need it

We provide unlimited vacation time, unlimited sick time, and a minimum of 10 paid holidays every year. 

Competitive compensation

Including stock options for everyone. 

Pet friendly

And much more! 

Diversity and Inclusion at Constructor

At we are committed to cultivating a work environment that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. We welcome individuals of all backgrounds and provide equal opportunities to all applicants regardless of their education, diversity of opinion, race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, veteran status or affiliation in any other protected group.

Open positions

Join us as we build a global innovative company.

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