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Constructor is building the next generation of search solutions. We are passionate about helping ecommerce and media site owners give their customers a better way to find products more quickly, more easily, and more intuitively.

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Why a career at Constructor?

Solve Challenging Problems

Search provides a rich, fascinating set of problems to solve. Whether it’s developing back-end algorithms or discussing our customer’s pain points in sales calls, we get to spend our days tackling some of the world’s most fascinating challenges.

Grow With Us

Constructor is a fast-growing startup with opportunities around every corner. It’s the perfect place for someone looking to grow their career, expand their horizons, and learn new things.

Collaborate on Success

We’ve tried insanely hard to build a team of collaborative, brilliant people. We love working together to help each other succeed, and are committed to maintaining an open, cooperative culture as we grow.

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Join us as we build a global innovative company.

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