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0 minute read Search Science

Data Science Paper Review – Query Rewrites for Null/Low Search Results

In this Data Science Paper Review, Constructor's data science team will walk you through a paper detailing exactly how eBay reformulates null queries into multiple alternative queries to increase recall (without altering search intent):

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2 minute read Company Info Joins MACH Alliance to Promote Open and Flexible Software Ecosystems

We're happy to announce that Constructor has joined commercetools, Contentstack, EPAM Systems, and many other future-thinking tech companies in forming the MACH Alliance.

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2 minute read Technology partners with commercetools on Integration Marketplace to simplify expansion of commerce platforms

Constructor’s marketplace integration enables retail companies to quickly implement a best-in-class search and discovery platform that provides consumers with fast, personalized shopping experiences in-session.

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6 minute read Ecommerce Search

Simplify eCommerce Prioritization with Clickstream Analysis (Plus an Easy Shortcut)

With so many potential business objectives on your hands, you need a way to effectively discover, evaluate and rank new opportunities in product discovery without expending all of your team's resources.

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1 minute read Search Science

Video: Machine Learning and Vodka, Part 1

Why haven’t more retail companies implemented machine learning? What’s the starting point for ML as a retailer? What are the biggest challenges engineers face when developing algorithms for retail (and does Vodka make it any easier)? Let's find out.

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