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2 minute read Technology partners with commercetools on Integration Marketplace to simplify expansion of commerce platforms

Constructor’s marketplace integration enables retail companies to quickly implement a best-in-class search and discovery platform that provides consumers with fast, personalized shopping experiences in-session.

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5 minute read Ecommerce Search

Emerging Product Search Trends Amidst Global Pandemic

As Covid-19 disrupts businesses and people's ways of life, we all stand to benefit from sharing of data and strategies. We're examining search data to glean a better understanding of how consumers behave during this crisis.

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4 minute read Search Science

The 8 Best Papers on eCommerce Search Algorithms

Learning and implementing eCommerce search algorithms is tough. Luckily, there are a few papers out there that shine more light on the process. Read here to learn about those papers.

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6 minute read Ecommerce Search

How to Achieve Attractive Search Results? Optimize For a KPI

To achieve attractive eCommerce search results (i.e. results your users actually want to see), you must optimize for a KPI. Learn how to find your KPI now.

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11 minute read Ecommerce Search

Searchandising: Everything You Need To Know To Succeed

Searchandising combines the use of proper merchandising techniques with search experiences. It's the strategic placement of items within search queries...

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