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4 minute read Company Info

Constructor’s Q4 in Review: Product Updates, Quality of Life Improvements, And Much More

Q4 saw us at Constructor continue to focus on what's important: driving revenue and conversions for our customers. We've released some new functionality and fixes for which we've seen fantastic adoption, and our experiences with Black Friday...

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4 minute read Ecommerce Search

8 Questions to Ask When Testing Your Product Discovery Experience

Every year, consumer expectations for on-site product discovery experiences grow higher. How do you know if your product discovery experience can compete? 

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8 minute read Ecommerce Search

Optimizing Search (and Vendor Selection) in 9 Minutes

Everything you need to know to evaluate search and discovery solutions.

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0 minute read Search Science

Data Science Paper Review – Multiple Objective Optimization in Recommender Systems

How do top internet and eCommerce companies optimize their recommendation systems for multiple objectives that may not necessarily be aligned? In this Data Science Paper Review, Constructor's data scientists will walk you through...

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7 minute read Technology

Site Search Optimization in 2021: All You Need to Know

How are the biggest retailers in the world optimizing their site search to drive the right KPIs, make users happy, and improve the lives of their team members and merchandisers? 

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