Our Mission

Constructor.io was founded by engineers with years of experience in high-growth, high-traffic sites with the mission to deliver features that have traditionally only been available to websites with large development teams.

Our flagship product – autocomplete as a service – combines big data processing, machine learning, and a lightning-fast architecture to bring advanced autocomplete functionality to any site with a search bar.

The Team

Constructor.io's advanced search technology wouldn't be what it is today without the efforts of our team of engineers, conversion experts and product leaders.

Our diverse backgrounds in hard mathematics, machine learning and linguistics combine to provide Constructor.io's customers with durable advantages in search relevance and conversion optimization.

Ming chai
Ming Xuan Chai
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Arthur etchells
Arthur Etchells
Product Management
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Eli finkelshteyn
Eli Finkelshteyn
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Marie hepfer
Marie Hepfer
Data Science
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Dan mccormick
Dan McCormick
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George mossessian
George Mossessian
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Tomas pllaha
Tomas Pllaha
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Matt seelig
Matt Seelig
Business Development
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