Introducing Attribute Enrichment

Introducing Attribute Enrichment

Most ecommerce teams know that good product data is essential to helping buyers find the products they want to purchase online as quickly as possible. Search engines have historically used poor data as an excuse for bad results, leading to frustrating shopping experiences and decreasing buyer satisfaction.

The problem is that fixing incomplete product data is really hard, especially when it’s measurement-based. In addition to being manual, error-prone, and downright boring, it’s difficult to know which attributes your buyers care about the most or where to focus your efforts. And small teams stretched to capacity feel these effects even more.

We’re excited to announce Constructor has added AI-driven Attribute Enrichment to its holistic suite of enterprise product discovery tools, a must-have capability for ecommerce teams looking to improve online experiences for their buyers. 

We built Attribute Enrichment to make search, filtering, and product discovery less frustrating, both for online buyers and the ecommerce teams who make it happen. 

Using a mix of our existing best-in-class AI, plus new innovations in machine vision and text classification, our Attribute Enrichment engine automatically tags products with new relevant attributes and categories on a daily basis — saving precious time for your team and resulting in experiences that will not only drive conversions, but keep buyers coming back for more.

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Data Your Buyers Care About

62% of online buyers say they will leave an ecommerce site when they can’t easily find what they need. In many cases, poor search results and browsing experiences are directly linked to bad data. Products are often missing attributes that buyers want to search for, and some attributes may only be partially tagged or tagged incorrectly.

When it comes to product discoverability, garbage in means garbage out. These issues lead to a series of compounding downstream effects for companies, especially for those dealing with tens of thousands of SKUs. They include:

  • Higher bounce rates
  • SEO challenges (due to more bounces)
  • Lower conversions
  • Lower revenue per visitor (RPV) and average order value (AOV)
  • More returns / refunds (from people mistakenly buying products because they were incorrectly tagged)

But what is the “right” data? How do you know if your buyers care about a certain attribute? And how do you enable internal teams to accurately support customers with detailed product information and recommendations? Most of the time it’s a guessing game, and with ever-changing buyer trends, it’s also a moving target.

Attribute Enrichment leverages AI and ML to take the guesswork out of the equation. Our models use text and image data from your catalog to tag your products with new, relevant attributes and categories automatically.

To help you stay ahead of the game, our models also leverage behavioral data — such as clicks, add-to-carts, and purchases — to prioritize the attributes that are most important to your buyers, even as that changes over time.

This series of inputs adds up to a winning combo that helps drive conversions, RPV, and AOV alongside buyer satisfaction.

Better Data, Faster Than Ever Before

Many of our buyers tell us that gathering product data can be a lengthy and frustrating task. Data can come from a variety of disparate sources like vendors, PLMs, PIMs, MDMs, ecommerce platforms, or even spreadsheets. And even with all of these sources, there’s no guarantee that the data from those sources will be complete or even accurate as it changes hands within the organization — leaving ecommerce teams to fill in the gaps.

With Attribute Enrichment, your team will no longer have to manually tag products or pay costly outside service providers to do it for you. With the manual effort removed, your team can focus on more strategic initiatives, and you’ll see fewer instances of mistakes and inaccuracies that can take your search results from bad to worse.

A bit leery about trusting the AI? Don’t worry. Ecommerce teams can review all of Constructor’s suggestions, fusing data science with their domain expertise and helping the system generate even better results over time

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Ecommerce Product Discovery at Its Finest

Attribute Enrichment joins Constructor’s powerhouse suite of AI-powered search and discovery tools. Generating consistent $10M+ lifts for our customers, Constructor is the only AI-first, ecommerce-first product discovery solution trusted by large retailers. 

Learn more about Attribute Enrichment here

Product discovery results you can trust — and verify.

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Product discovery results you can trust — and verify.

Book a demo with a Constructor product discovery specialist.
Tangible ROI proven in under 4 weeks — learn how.