Digital Retailer Very Selects Constructor to Personalize Online and Mobile Shopping Experiences

Digital Retailer Very Selects Constructor to Personalize Online and Mobile Shopping Experiences

Constructor’s product search and discovery platform increases shopper engagement, loyalty and conversions – enhancing the customer experience

SAN FRANCISCO — February 14, 2023 — Constructor, an AI-powered product search and discovery platform for ecommerce companies, today announced that leading UK-based digital retailer Very has selected Constructor to transform its shoppers’ product discovery experience across online and mobile channels. Constructor’s technology will help Very deliver highly personalized shopping experiences and journeys that drive engagement, loyalty and conversions.

Very is part of The Very Group and, with £1.8 billion ($2.2 billion USD) in revenue, is The Very Group’s fastest-growing retail brand – offering fashion, tech, homeware, toys, sports equipment and more from 2,000+ big-name brands. With such a large product catalog, it’s important for Very to help each individual shopper quickly find what they want and need – so they aren’t overwhelmed and benefit from a useful, enjoyable and cohesive shopping experience across the Very website and on its mobile app.

“Very always seeks to deliver superior customer experiences. An important part of that is recognizing each shopper’s unique preferences and needs, and helping them find the best items for their lifestyle,” said Paul Hornby, digital customer experience director at The Very Group. “Constructor’s AI- and machine-learning-driven approach to product discovery will help our shoppers quickly and intuitively find the best items for them – remembering and reflecting their history with us across channels – while also furthering our own digital transformation journey.”

Very will take advantage of Constructor’s full product discovery suite, including capabilities and solutions for:

  • Search – So when Very shoppers use search to find an item, they instantly view results optimized for their personal preferences and tastes, as well as for Very’s key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Browse – So browse pages showcase items that are both personalized to Very shoppers and optimized for the retailer’s KPIs.
  • Collections – So Very can create fully personalized, dynamic product landing pages based on automatic rules or curated lists of products.
  • Quizzes – Constructor’s newest offering uses zero-party data (posing brief questions to shoppers, like an associate would in-store) and, based on their responses, instantly personalizes the items and recommendations they see next.

“When you’re trying to capture shoppers’ attention and mindshare, every split-second counts,” said Eli Finkelshteyn, co-founder and CEO of Constructor. “If shoppers are bogged down by search results and product recommendations that don’t map to their interests and needs, they’ll go elsewhere. Forward-looking and innovative retailers like Very recognize that and are using technology and AI to continuously improve their customers’ experience. Through our partnership, we’re looking forward to helping make Very’s vision for faster, more intuitive and attractive product discovery and search results a reality.”

Constructor’s platform learns from each and every shopper’s query – hundreds of millions of times each day. With every click, add to cart, quiz answer, purchase and more, Constructor uses clickstream behavior to automatically rank results and surface recommendations – showing shoppers the products they’ll love and reflecting ecommerce companies’ top KPIs.

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