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Future proof your tech stack with a MACH-certified, product discovery platform built for composable commerce. Integrate easily with either monolithic or headless ecommerce systems using our best-in-class APIs or platform connectors.

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A Note from Our CEO

Ecommerce waits for no one.

The composable movement encourages flexibility and ease of integration. Truly composable technology is easy to swap in and out, and that forces technology providers to always have to prove their reason for existence. No one will ever keep Constructor just because we’re ingrained. We always have to prove our worth, and that’s the way it should be. 

Constructor is the only product discovery company that was actually built on AI instead of just bolting AI technology onto a legacy engine. We’re proud of that fact because it’s why we’ve never lost an A/B test and why so many ecommerce companies have ditched their old legacy vendors and switched to us.

Our team is dedicated to bringing your organization agile, composable, AI-powered technology so you can deliver a seamless shopping experience to your customers.

But how do we prove to you that we’re the right product discovery partner for your needs? Ask us about our Proof Schedule™— a fast, composable integration where we’ll be able to show you where your current product discovery is falling behind and quantify what the Constructor difference will mean for your business in real revenue, before you ever have to give us a dime. All it requires is a product catalog and two lines of JavaScript, 

Your customers demand a personalized shopping experience, and lots of vendors will promise they can deliver. We want you to make us prove it, both today and every day that we work together. And if we ever can’t prove to you that we’re the best product discovery platform for you, our focus on composability means we’ll be easy to swap out. 

We hope you’ll give composable a try. We hope that you’ll give Constructor a try. We think you’ll like the platform, our partnership, our merchandising tools, and the increase in revenue we’ll bring to your business. But don’t just trust us on that. Make us prove it.

Eli Finkelshteyn, Founder and CEO at Constructor

 Eli Finkelshteyn

CEO and Co-Founder, Constructor

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