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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see Constructor Search in action?

Schedule a demo with a Constructor Product Discovery expert. We are happy to prepare a demo for your particular needs.

How long does it take to begin seeing results from Constructor Search?

Customers with ready-to-load product catalogs can begin seeing benefits in as few as 3 weeks. In most cases, benefits will improve over time due to algorithmic improvements based on shoppers’ behavioral data. Enterprise deployments, depending on the breadth of search requirements, may be longer.

What is included with a subscription?

Constructor is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution. A subscription includes all needed cloud computing infrastructure, network bandwidth and software to integrate with your website and mobile apps. The solution includes software updates and access to customer success services.

Constructor builds AI-first onsite and in-app search.

Our cloud-based Search-as-a-Service serves millions of queries every day, increasing conversions and revenue for leading websites and apps.