2022 State of Ecommerce
Merchandising Report

What do today’s successful merchandisers do? How do they manage the wide variety of tasks on their plates? How are they embracing technology to excel at their jobs?

In this report, you’ll get a deep look at the ecommerce merchandising work powering today’s large retailers—with firsthand insights from 100 people who do it everyday.

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Our Contributors


Nicole Bragg
Site Merchandising Manager, Life Is Good


Sharon Gautschi
SVP of Merchandising, Rugs Direct

Rory Dennis

Rory Dennis
Co-founder and General Manager, North America, Amplience


Joe Zappa,
Managing Editor, Streetfight

Here’s what you’ll discover:

A few of our key findings:

How does your team really feel about their work?

ecommerce merchandising

Ecommerce merchandising teams are empowered to make an impact.

Nearly all of our survey respondents agreed that their role in ecommerce allowed them to be creative, make a difference, and drive strategic business impact. 

What is your merchandising team responsible for? 

99% of merchandisers have responsibilities outside of site merchandising itself.

Nearly 70% of digital merchandisers are also responsible for marketing, and 57% of merchandising leaders are also responsible for digital marketing and/or site content strategy. Nearly half of merchandising leaders are also responsible for assortment planning and buying.

How much time do you spend on routine manual work? 

Nearly 60% of teams spend at least 20 hours/week on manual merchandising activities.


We asked, “How many hours per week does your team spend on manual merchandising activities like defining redirects, slotting, boosting and burying products, and creating synonyms?”

Are small teams at a disadvantage?

Smaller teams are more likely to report a large amount of manual merchandising work.

40% of small teams (under four people) spend at least 30 hours per week manually merchandising compared to just 16% of large teams (more than 10 people).

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