Introducing the Constructor Salesforce Cartridge

Introducing the Constructor Salesforce Cartridge

As Salesforce Connections — the event for marketing, commerce and customer-obsessed innovators — kicks off today in Chicago (and on Salesforce+), we’re excited to be part of the action. And we’re especially excited to announce an expansion of our partnership with Salesforce: with the Constructor Connect Cartridge for B2B and B2C Commerce (aka Constructor Salesforce Cartridge) now available on Salesforce AppExchange.

Many of our customers rely on Salesforce, a seven-time consecutive leader in Gartner’s Magic QuadrantTM for Digital Commerce, for their digital commerce needs: building intelligent, flexible, unified commerce experiences across channels with the AI-powered Salesforce Commerce Cloud. By using Constructor and Salesforce to complement each other, retailers can create holistic, personalized omnichannel experiences and improve product discovery across every facet of the customer journey.

The Constructor Salesforce Cartridge makes it quick and easy for Salesforce Commerce Cloud users to upload their product catalog information — including product, pricing and inventory data — to Constructor, so we can personalize and optimize product search and discovery. This rapid, automatic ingestion takes place in just a few steps, so customers can be up and running the same business day as Cartridge installation and accelerate the time-to-value of using Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Constructor in tandem.

Joint users can:

  • Securely configure data ingestion in just a couple of clicks, right from Salesforce.
  • Index Salesforce Commerce Cloud products, variations and groups into Constructor’s powerful ecommerce search, autosuggest, browse and recommendations tools.
  • Customize the Cartridge to their unique business needs, with flexible data transformation possibilities that support even the most complex ecommerce integration use cases.
  • Seamlessly integrate Constructor’s product search and discovery experience into their SFRA (storefront reference architecture) stores.
  • Recoup time spent on maintenance. The Cartridge’s automated product updates eliminate the need for manual maintenance, update controls or patches. 

Like Salesforce, we are strong believers in the power of using AI, transparently and ethically, to transform and personalize experiences across the customer journey. We are both also proponents of composable commerce and headless architectures: making it easy for retailers to use the software that’s right for them across multiple areas of ecommerce and that meets their business requirements. We’re committed to a future that supports innovative, hyper-personalized, best-of-breed and highly useful customer experiences — and our partnership with Salesforce and Cartridge are the latest manifestations of that.

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