How Constructor Search Works

Constructor Search uses artificial intelligence to learn from every query and every user to improve search outcomes—tens of millions of times every day.

As users type in their query, natural language processing deciphers intent and presents conversion-worthy results.

natural language processing

Constructor Search collects and learns from behavioral data. Every query, click, add-to-cart and purchase improves current and future results for your shoppers.

Machine Learning-enhanced Reranking optimizes search results ranking to drive conversions and revenue.

Uniquely, Constructor Search applies artificial intelligence to personalizing search. Collaborative Personalization uses algorithms and data to deliver unique, conversion-optimized results for every user and query.

collaborative personalization

And Merchant Controls provide insights into site-wide search behavior and offers tools for selling smarter through search.

With AI-first search from Constructor, 
everyone wins:

Shopper Success
  • Minimized search effort
  • Successful journey
Merchant Success
  • Maximized conversions
  • Improved customer loyalty

AI-first search is taking over

Built on a foundation of artificial intelligence and automation, Constructor Search drives improved conversions, revenue and customer loyalty. The differences between Constructor Search and ordinary search are dramatic:

Constructor Search Ordinary Search

Guides users toward success as they type

Leaves users to fend for themselves without guidance

Uses behavioral data and artificial intelligence to continuously improve search outcomes

Stores log files for offline analysis. Tedious manual interventions enable small improvements

Shows data-driven and conversion-optimized results in real time.

Shows keyword relevance results; same as 2007

Offers personalized search recommendations

What’s personalization?

Delivers 14% revenue lift or more

Sustains shadow churn

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