Add AI-first site search to your site and apps

Give your users a fast, reliable, and seamless product discovery experience. We sweat the details so that you can focus on your site experience and customers.

Powering tens of millions of searches daily

Sophisticated search technology that runs on a blazing fast and highly reliable platform.

Don't code. Integrate!

Building an AI-first search engine is hard. And trying to integrate AI-capabilities into open source technologies is even harder. By partnering with Constructor, you get a ready to deploy solution that lets you focus on your core business.

Go live in weeks

Customers with ready-to-load product catalogs can begin seeing benefits in as few as 3 weeks. Enterprise deployments, depending on search requirements, may take longer. The Constructor Professional Services team works with new customers to ensure timely deployments.

Merchant-defined optimizations

Site owners set search optimization rules base on their business goals. Optimization choices include revenue, conversions, loyalty, average order value or a combination of factors.

Turnkey client libraries

Constructor Search includes JavaScript libraries for web clients, and mobile SDKs for iOS and Android. Secure APIs manage communication between your clients and mobile apps, and the cloud-based Constructor Search back-end infrastructure.

Global deployment infrastructure

Constructor Search is deployed across a secure multi-region cloud infrastructure to minimize latency from all corners of the world.


Designed for resilience, Constructor Search back-end has multiple levels of redundancy to minimize failure risk.

Don’t just trust us. Make us prove it.

Let us quantify the value of Constructor’s ML-backed search and discovery on your site using your data. No contract required.